Terms and Conditions

Thompson Emergency Freight Systems (TEMF) Air Expedite Terms and Conditions
General Conditions:

The liability for the loss of, or damage to goods is limited as follows:

  • For international travel limitations based on the Warsaw convention will apply.
  • TEMF may choose to fulfill any contractual obligation, using any carrier or subcontractor and routing at its sole discretion, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
  • Transit times indicated in quote are estimates and actual transit times may differ according to carrier schedules. Furthermore, quoted transit times do not reflect delays due to export control or customs clearance processes and are applicable to working days only.
  • The COVID global pandemic has cancelled Airline/Customers contracted rates, schedules and routing. TEMF cannot guarantee, but only suggest service times and prices on air shipments and cannot foresee different operators as well as Countries newly implemented screening and customs procedures or timelines due to COVID.
Special Conditions:
  • “Freight Charges” as well as “Origin & Destination Charges” are based on chargeable weight, which is the greater of gross or volumetric weight.
  • All charges applicable and valid for stackable, general cargo (nothing deemed dangerous goods, high-value, temperature controlled, perishable or has special handling requirements), not exceeding 2000kg chargeable weight per shipment, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  • If the sender or its loading facility is not certified as a “Known Consignor” by local authorities, TEMF will need an x-ray examination before the air portion of movement can commence. Other local security screening may apply. This may result in additional costs to the freight payer and delays to deliver.
  • TEMF cannot control Force Majeure delays, diversions, or re-routing. Any additional charges incurred for any weather-related issues, will be passed through directly.
  • HAZMAT – freight must be labelled and packaged according to IATA. ORIGINAL red border hazmat declaration form must travel with the freight. Hazmat freight has a surcharge in airfreight and charters. Paperwork and freight are subject to Dangerous Goods Specialist approval.
  • Air freight must be packed, banded and secured in both directions prior to air movement. Thompson may be able to source this service, if required.
Rates, Prices and Invoices:
  • The prices quoted do not include duties, storage fees and are subject to applicable taxes (especially Value Added Tax [VAT]) and other charges for additional services may apply.
  • Pick-up and delivery charges are based on standard services and equipment, as well as during regular business hours, if not otherwise agreed.
  • TEMF will apply fuel and security surcharges, as effective at the date of movement, based on chargeable weight.
  • Collection and delivery costs specified in quote refer to the specified collection and delivery point only. If additional stops are required, extra charges will apply.
  • In case of shipment “No Show”, a “Dry Run/No Show Charge” will apply.
  • Prices are subject to change, based on currency exchange rate fluctuation.
  • Detention time for all parties: truck, courier, aircraft, overtime or afterhours charges at airport and FBO (Fixed Based Operation) will be communicated with customer and invoiced accordingly.
  • De-icing charges are 100% passed through on Charters. De-icing is a necessity deemed by the Pilot for safety before taking off, therefore cannot be foreseen at time of quote.
  • Non-stackable freight is subject to a surcharge and isn’t foreseeable in advance, as it is determined by the air carrier. This charge appears on invoice from Carrier after the load is completed and billed.
  • If shipment is a Canadian Domestic move, applicable HST will be added.
  • Please note all quotes are subject to availability at time of the quote. Airline capacity and operations, as well as rates can fluctuate, which is beyond the control of Thompson Emergency Freight.
  • All freight is re-weighed and measured by the airline, as such, if freight dimensions and weight are not in accordance with the information given at time of quoting, extra overage charges may occur.
  • All airfreight is subject to duties and taxes, which will be billed back at a later date.
  • Total charges offered do not include Air Cargo insurance coverage, unless specifically requested by customer in advance and included in quote.